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Nueva York 1

2 Oct

Leah, Caleb, Bushwick
pictures, hair dye, punk shows,
the met, fishes born that grow in puddles

somwhere in japan,
it doesnt look anything like there
but new york cradles my hopes for more
to the limits of here.

a really good weekend, in the best place ever



26 Sep

Click here for video.

Botello & Gab BT

Brandon Pavan

25 Sep

Caleb started talking about a flock of birds, folding upon each other in the sky, like paper.
Leah explained how they practiced crumbling down,
moving their bodies towards the ground like a sheet, absorbing shadows,
“Then we found an other body to crumble next to, and we got closer, knowing through each others movement,
the exact moment we would both come crumbling down to the floor”

New York, September 10

Picture by Brandon Pavan


3 Sep

Last Monday Botello organised this visual heaven,

with models for ceveral agencies and the help of a team of stylists and make up artists.

He asked me to help out with the artistic direction.

I brought my new film camera, and took these.

Marie Jane.

(for Botello’s shots,

an afternoon with Jennifer C. Dunaj

20 Aug

An afternoon with Jennifer, train tracks, nudes, lingerie, boy talks, sex talks, pictures, more pictures

girls day out

More Relax; Gypsy Summer

17 Aug

Beaches, road trips, home cooked, home baked, BC bud, back yards, golden skin.

Photos by Megann Rose & Marie Jane

Lace and Silk

15 Aug

If you’re wondering who this 80’s baby belongs to, she’s mine! These are some newspaper photos that I came across this summer of my mum lingerie modeling. They were taken only a few years before I was born.