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Happy Birthday Weezy Baby

27 Sep

More Relax; Gypsy Summer

17 Aug

Beaches, road trips, home cooked, home baked, BC bud, back yards, golden skin.

Photos by Megann Rose & Marie Jane

I stole his first born

17 Aug


i had a dream about you two nights ago



oh god

was i starfishing?



it wasn’t that kind of dream, haha



I have a better imaginatination than that if it was though

no, I dreamt that I had a newborn son…

and you stole him.

and my whole dream was trying to find crazy megann who stole my baby!!



That’s impossible



when i found you…you were sitting in some store in a mall that you owned just holding him like he was yours

it was kinda fucked haha

I was like megann, “you asshole thats my kid!”

and you were like no, “I want him.”



I would force that ugly to love me

August Audio

17 Aug

A playlist by Stephanie Naday

1. popular computer feat. darling – nepo

2. theophilus london – hey wonderful

3. kyte feat. pacific – designed for damage

4. fm belfast – synthia

5. east hundred feat. weird tapes – hammerhead

6. primary 1 feat. the shoes – hold me down

7. sarah mcleod – dancing in the dark

8. trentemoller – even though you’re with another girl

9. korallreven feat. cfcf – the truest faith

10. miami horror feat. kimbra – i look to you

11. omar feat. henrik schwarz – feeling you

12. ocelot feat. louis la roche – beating hearts

13. delphic feat. parallels – this momentary

14. chromeo feat. aeroplane – don’t turn the lights on

15. ali love feat. bottin – smoke and mirrors

16. michael jackson feat. allure – remember the time

17. pacific feat. breakbot – hold me

18. ted and francis – erlend (ted and francis edit)


Lace and Silk

15 Aug

If you’re wondering who this 80’s baby belongs to, she’s mine! These are some newspaper photos that I came across this summer of my mum lingerie modeling. They were taken only a few years before I was born.

west coast

12 Aug

Les Filles du Roi

Photos By Megann Rose & Marie Jane

Official Girl

12 Aug

CFCF remix of Official Girl

Official Girl CFCF Remix