resisting the affections which i am entirely surrendered to

3 Oct

They seep into me but nothing equates
I follow,
I am seduced,
and actively seducing.

but there is no bond, like you.

I straddle hopes of amusement,
of more than that, what I mean is

but nothing equates

I string along,
strings of hope
of lust, of curiosity
knowing nothing comes close to
surrendering to you
I seek for more,
for a reason not to cave
for a pulsating urge beyond what I know

but there is nothing but
what i absorb of you
and what you drain of me

you have all of me without my will,
there is strength in what pulls me to you

I take the long walk towards home, knowing that nothing will actually make me resist
coming back to the sheets we shared a few hours ago.

The best was when you kissed me standing
near my door,
when we were
near my door,
when I knew it was


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