9 May

I am sorry I am terribly moody
I am alway broke
and I talk too much about myself

I am sorry i am not that good at friendships
but I promise Im trying to be better

Megan, thank you for being my little guardian angel
thanks for watching 16 and pregnant with me
thanks for letting me drag you into strange situations with mostly mentally unstable men and french people.
thank you for dragging me into parties and do bumps with me on sidewalks
thank you for making brunch with me and have hungover days in one of your multiple beds
thank you for letting me borrow one of your beds, and letting my favorite boy(s) sleep in said bed with me.

good luck at work tomorrow, lets make cupcakes/a cake this week,
hoping you don’t have to wake up early in the mornings,
I’m going to try to steel you a perfume/cream from my mom’s collection tomorrow,
even though its mothers day

i’m so stoned right now.


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