18 Oct

thanks Adam Wilcox!


resisting the affections which i am entirely surrendered to

3 Oct

They seep into me but nothing equates
I follow,
I am seduced,
and actively seducing.

but there is no bond, like you.

I straddle hopes of amusement,
of more than that, what I mean is

but nothing equates

I string along,
strings of hope
of lust, of curiosity
knowing nothing comes close to
surrendering to you
I seek for more,
for a reason not to cave
for a pulsating urge beyond what I know

but there is nothing but
what i absorb of you
and what you drain of me

you have all of me without my will,
there is strength in what pulls me to you

I take the long walk towards home, knowing that nothing will actually make me resist
coming back to the sheets we shared a few hours ago.

The best was when you kissed me standing
near my door,
when we were
near my door,
when I knew it was

Nueva York 1

2 Oct

Leah, Caleb, Bushwick
pictures, hair dye, punk shows,
the met, fishes born that grow in puddles

somwhere in japan,
it doesnt look anything like there
but new york cradles my hopes for more
to the limits of here.

a really good weekend, in the best place ever

Happy Birthday Weezy Baby

27 Sep

Sunday Movies

26 Sep

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, 1962

A Streetcar Named Desire, 1951

Suddenly Last Summer, 1959

Arsenic & Old Lace, 1944

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf? 1966


26 Sep

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Botello & Gab BT

Re: Wicked Games

26 Sep

thanks shawn!